The Kids

The Kids

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Calebisms Again

Yes, it is about Caleb again.  The boy is never boring.

The other day, he was cleaning his room (i.e. getting more toys out instead of putting the first ones away) and Abby quietly walked in and yelled, "Boo!" at him.  He got really mad and said, "Abby, you scared me!  You turned me into a girl!"

Apparently girls can get scared, but not boys?  This coming from the boy who left the movie theater during Toy Story 3 because he was afraid the toys were going to burn in the garbage fire.

(Who am I kidding?  I was scared for them, too!)

Last night was fun.  I woke up at 5 AM to see Caleb standing next to me, staring at me.  After I recovered from my heart attack, I asked him what he was doing.  He told me "I just wanted to tell you that I didn't cough last night!"

After I sent my clearly sleep-walking child back to bed, I heard him again.  Basically, every time I would fall asleep, I would hear him open his door to check to see if anyone was awake, yet.  Then he would shut it and do who knows what until he checked again.

I am exhausted today.

On a nice note, Nick and I were able to take Caleb out for lunch yesterday.  I realized that he never gets time alone with us.  Noah was with us, but at least he does not constantly interrupt with conversation (give him time) like a certain sister I can think of.  Because I did not have to bring Caleb's carpool friend home yesterday, and because Nick's schedule was different that day, we met at First Watch and had a nice little lunch.  The best moment was when we sat down and he looked out and saw his dad walking in.  He was so surprised and excited.

Caleb Paul, you are a treasure.

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Wiggwam said...

what a neat to see their little personalities develop!