The Kids

The Kids

Monday, February 7, 2011

Noah Update

Little Noah is starting to develop quite a personality.  He has always been pretty laid back (he has to be-he is the third child), but lately, he has been voicing his opinion a bit.

Great, just what we need-another Rosenfeldt kid who never stops talking.

He "talks" a lot to his toys and to us.  He stays pretty content, but really, really likes to be around people.  Toys are fun, but if we just sit and smile at him, his day is made.  This evening, he was enjoying his swing while we played a board game with the kids.  Then, he noticed that he was missing out on something and vocalized his annoyance until he was finally sitting at the table with the rest of the family.  Our table would not be complete without his wide eyes and steady stream of drool.

One of Noah's favorite times of the day are when he is being changed.  Perhaps it is because he really likes being clean, but I think it is because for those few minutes, my attention is totally on him.  He gives me his best stuff during those moments-lots of dimple-filled, toothless grins, coos and giggles. 

You want to know what really makes him laugh?  When he fills his diaper in such a way that it goes up his back.  That child squeals in delight when he sees me wrinkle my nose and pull out a hundred wipes.  Today, he managed to pee on my leg while getting into the bath-he found that pretty funny, too.

This boy also loves his brother and sister.  The moment he sees them, his face lights up.  And they love him, too.  Many fights have broken out over who gets to hold him/play with him/look at him.

(Funny enough, no one is fighting to be with him when he is crying, poopy, or at dinner time.)

Noah also loves music and bouncing around.  Needless to say, he finds it very entertaining to watch his siblings dance around the house to Chris Brown's "Forever."  His little feet immediately start kicking to the beat.

Noah Michael, what a delight and blessing you are. 

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Bev said...

He looks soo grown up!! I miss him! ( All of you of course!)