The Kids

The Kids

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Football Madness

Is it wrong to be thankful that the football season is finally over?  Does that make me a bad American? 

Maybe if I grew up in a football watching family, I would understand what all the fuss is about.  Personally, I enjoyed our tradition of watching movies on Sunday afternoons.  Those were the only days that my dad did not live in the barn all day and made sure he took some time off.

It is probably a good thing that I did not grow up loving football.  If I did, I would most likely be a Steelers fan (grew up an hour north of Pittsburgh) and since I fell in love with a Bengals fan, where would that leave us?  I strongly believe Nick would not have dated and especially not married me if I was a Steelers fan. 

Thankfully for us (and our marriage), I do not really have an opinion about any of the teams, so I simply stand by my man and hope the best for his team. 

I heard a story on Super Bowl weekend about a Steelers fan who went down to Texas for the game, but then his wife went into labor back home.  Did he go home for the birth of his first-born child?  Nope.  He stayed at the game.

(Okay, so the news reporter went on to defend him by stating he tried to get flights or rental cars home, but couldn't find any, but still...)

I told the story to Nick (without the defensive "couldn't find a way home" part) to which he stared at me and said, "Tammy, it's the Super Bowl." 

Oh.  Okay.  So, any insane act a football fan commits can be justified because "it's the Super Bowl."

Nick went on to defend his argument by saying how it's a once in a lifetime thing and how you would never forget that day.

Kind of like the birth of one's first-born child.

At least this Super Bowl was an exciting game.  I watched most of it, carefully avoiding facebook since my home page was full of my Pittsburgh friends comments about the game.  I smiled as my husband rejoiced over every moment leading to the loss of the Steelers and quietly played Angry Birds on my new phone.

Finally, the season is over and life can stop revolving around a sport.

Oh wait-next month is March Madness.  Never mind.


Wiggwam said...

Makes it even worse for the player since they LOST! And, no, as a big Steeler fan I, too, am glad the season is over. Maybe I can finally work on growing my nails!

Anonymous said...

I,too, am glad football season is over. In fact, that was what the whole super bowl thing was for me-- a celebration of the end of football for awhile!!!

christi said...

I am that anonymous person!!!

Tim Parenti said...

"my husband rejoiced over every moment leading to the loss of the Steelers"

Aha! I knew it! ;)