The Kids

The Kids

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Color Of Hope

I am truly amazed at the way people come together in difficult times.

One of our campers, Julie Hanczar, was in a head on collision last weekend, while driving to take her SATs.  The first thing I heard was that she had many injuries, including two broken legs.  Then I heard she had a stroke.  The latest, and most tragic, is that the doctors fear she is brain dead.

However, after some of her close friends visited her, she is showing signs of life.  Squeezing a teddy bear, pursing her lips, brain activity on the monitor when she hears others talking...all signs of hope.

Say what you will about social media sites-in this case, Facebook is awesome.  Her friends immediately organized a page to have everyone wear teal yesterday, calling it the color of hope.  People signed up by the hundreds, even people who had never heard of Julie, saying they were praying for her. They took group pictures at school and posted them on the page. 

It was beautiful.

Abby and Caleb have been doing their part by praying for her.  While they do not know the extreme details to how she is doing, they keep praying for Julie.  Abby knows her as "the girl who wants to sell me her American Girl Kit doll."  When I was commenting on facebook back in December about Abby expecting a doll for Christmas, Julie sent me a message, letting me know I could buy her Kit and all of her accessories for a fraction of the price.  Abby has been doing chores to earn money for the Kit doll so Julie is on her mind a lot.

I ask you, readers, to pray for Julie.  For her family.  For the doctors.  For a miracle.


Jody said...

Today I had the privilege of meeting Julie Hanczar. I was invited to visit her at the Rehab center because I am in Pittsburgh with the musical "Wicked" and Julie loves singing and musicals and wasn't able to attend one of our shows.
Apparently there have been many miracles with Julie. She is able to speak and focus and understand and laugh and cry. She is starting to eat foods with more texture. She still has a hard time ahead but she is surrounded with friends and her amazing family and church and I felt so lucky to be a little witness to all of this.

Tammy said...

Thanks Jody! That's wonderful to hear the impact that her story has had on you. It is amazing what she has been through.

Are you in the musical Wicked? I know it's coming to Cincinnati in November-is that the same tour? I have always heard wonderful things about the show and hope to see it sometime. Hope the tour is going well!