The Kids

The Kids

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Toe Eating, Bubble Blowing Boy

Noah is five months old today and he has suddenly burst out with a hilarious personality.

His favorite thing to do?  Blow bubbles.  He can amuse himself for hours by spitting and creating fart sounds from his mouth.  It becomes even funnier when he pushes out from the other end at the same time.  Well, funny, until I find poop up his back and yet another outfit to spray with stain remover.

He is officially hitting the bottle.  By that I mean he hits it while attempting to hold it.  He has been eating so well from formula and is kind of liking cereal.  I think he would like it more if he would just stopped blowing bubbles long enough for the food to stay in his mouth. 

Apparently, this kid is a genius.  He already says, "Hi."  Okay, so maybe he is not really saying it, but it sure sounds like it.  When he sees someone (especially his dad) he lets out a long "Heh" sound. 

He is also quite the narcissist.  If you put a mirror in front of him, his face lights up and he jumps around.  Have you ever wondered what babies think about when looking in the mirror?  I wish we could remember what we thought about at that age.  Then again, those might be some pretty freaky thoughts.  Going through the birth canal...constantly pooping in our pants...dreaming about boobs...

Ok, so that last one might not bother the men.

Oh, and who needs toys?  This child is obsessed with his toes.  He has the flexibility of Adam on the P90X Yoga work-out (anyone who has seen this video knows exactly what I am talking about).  I have been finding him in his crib in a completely different direction thanks to his toe eating.

Noah continues to delight our family.  He is so happy, cracks up over the most random thing, and is very easy going.  Thank goodness someone in this family is.

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