The Kids

The Kids

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Seriously-More Calebisms

-I was cleaning the bathrooms and right as I was scrubbing the downstairs toilet, Caleb decided he needed to pee.  In that toilet.  Because the other two must not have been good enough.

At least it was an educational experience.  He found that his yellow pee and the blue toilet cleaner make green.  He was pretty excited about that.

-Out of the blue the other day, Caleb announced, "Mommy, you are my friend."  After I thanked him and asked him why I was his friend, he told me, "Because you love me so much."

Just as I was enjoying the bliss of his words, he went on to say how he is friends with all of the bad people and people he does not know in the world, too.  I guess I rank on the same level as them.

Which brings me to his latest prayers.  He often includes "all of the bad people and the people we don't know and everyone in the whole world" in his thank you's to God.  That is a pretty big list and while I am glad he thinks about so many people, I find it odd that he thanks God for the bad people.  Or perhaps he is simply praying for them to not be bad?  In that case, I should take notes.

-After all of the years of fighting, hitting and teasing his sister, Caleb was suddenly convicted of a kind spirit for Abby.  He got very excited about "a great idea!" that he had, but it had to be a secret from Abby.  He told me in secret hushes that he wanted to buy her a Tangled doll. 

The Easter Bunny was going to bring her one in a few weeks, but I could not resist his passion so I agreed to take him to the store after school today.  He did not ask for anything for himself (although he did eye some Thomas gear and mentioned how it looked great) and excitedly picked out the perfect doll.  He decided to place it on her chair so that she would see it when she came home.  Within a half a second of her walking in the door, he yelled out, "Abby!  I have a surprise for you!!!"

She of course loved it.  And I loved how sweet he was being.  My favorite part of the entire thing was when, out of the blue, he said, "I really wanted to get her the doll because I love her so much."

Note this day-March 30, 2011.  Let us see how long it takes for this loving brother spirit to last.


Christi said...

What a sweet boy!!

Bev said...

This made me cry!

Carrie said...

I also have tears in my sweet!