The Kids

The Kids

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Jesus Songs

While riding in the car and listening to the Hymns for Kids cd, the following conversation took place...

Caleb:  "Mommy, does Jesus like it when we sing songs that say we love Him?"

Me:  "Yes.  It makes Him happy when we bring Him glory and talk about how we love Him."

Caleb (after thinking about it for awhile):  "I bet He doesn't like the songs that talk about not loving Jesus.  You know, the ones that go, 'I don't love Jesus.'"

If only it was as simple as that.

Me:  "Well, there are some songs that are not about Jesus, but are still nice songs.  But, then there are songs that are not very nice at all and are not things we should be listening to."

I stopped myself from saying, "And then there are songs about loving Jesus that are just terribly written."  I am sure he will eventually figure that out.

In the meantime, I will gladly listen to my little boy sing his love songs to Jesus.

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