The Kids

The Kids

Friday, April 1, 2011

My Morning

The life of a mom is so glamorous.

The other day, my morning went like this...

I got up an hour before anyone else, so that I could make sure we all got out of the house on time.  I took the kids to school, picked up Caleb's carpool friend on the way, and eventually made it back home with little Noah falling asleep in the car.

(Why do they always fall asleep five minutes before you reach your destination?)

I worked out, then baked some cookies to go with the meal that I was taking to a friend's house, who just had a baby.  Here is where it gets good.

I got to school early so that I could feed Noah in the car, while waiting for Caleb's dismissal.  Once the sweet boy finally finished snacking on his bottle, I put in the address of my friend's house into my phone's GPS (love that thing), and headed off to her house.

I discovered that the route took me on some great, country roads, which I normally love.  However, our brake pads decided to start grinding this week so every time I slowed down to take a turn, I had to listen to (and feel) that awful sound. 

I decided to try and avoid using my brakes so much and just take the turns with a little extra fun speed.  That was when I discovered that Noah's carseat was loose.  I heard shouts from Caleb and turned around to see Noah completely sideways.  Seriously, the kid was laying on his right side-the entire carseat was falling.

I love the third kid.  Did he cry?  Panic?  Look scared?  Nope.  He just smiled at me as I strained my arm to push him back up while trying to avoid crashing into oncoming traffic. 

Good thing I worked on arms during that morning's work-out.

After we dropped off the food, we headed toward the store so that Caleb could buy his sister her surprise Tangled doll.  I kept mentioning how we should wait until another day, given that it was raining/snowing and Noah was slowly losing it from being the car so much that day.  Caleb refused and I had to give in, given how sweet he was being to his sister.  That does not happen that often.

So, we stopped at the store, snow falling all around us (it is spring, right?), and walked into the store.  I decided to carry Noah instead of keeping him in his car seat-the kid needed a break.  About halfway through the parking lot, I realized that he did not have a jacket on and was in his barefeet.  Oh well-I was at Walmart.  I blended in just fine.

Got the doll and piled back into the van.  Noah showed his disappointment with that decision by thrusting his back up and refusing to be fastened in.  I finally got the wiggle worm clipped in, left the parking lot, then realized by the shouts of Caleb that his seat was still loose. 

Drove home, one arm on the wheel and the other keeping Noah in place.  Put the kids down for naps and surveyed the kitchen that still needed to be cleaned up from breakfast that morning.

And some people seriously think that stay-at-home moms just sit around eating and watching television.  That is hilarious.

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