The Kids

The Kids

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Six Months

I just had Noah, right?  Seriously, it was just 10-10-10 and I was in a very quick, yet very painful labor.

Oh wait, that was six months ago.  My goodness.

Well, this boy is growing like crazy.  He started sitting up a couple of weeks ago.  And, as every mother knows, that spells FREEDOM!!!  He can now play with toys and not require me to sit at his side, staring at him.

(Okay, so I am typing this while sitting next to him as he plays because he still likes to cry every time I leave the room.  This is just a phase.  This is just a phase.  This is just a phase.)

He is also on the move.  He rolls around, which is fun during the waking hours, but not fun when he does it in his crib and gets stuck.  Amazing how he can move from his belly to his back so quickly when he wants to, but in the middle of his nap...not so much.

Noah is eating everything in sight, forever drooling, and now stinking up the house.  And he still has this one random piece of hair that curls.  I have no idea what to do with it-it just kind of hangs to the side, looking goofy. 

Do you know what is so cute?  When a baby blows raspberries.  Do you know what is not cute?  When a baby blows raspberries while eating.

He is also sharing a room with his big brother and surprisingly, that is going well.  They are both great sleepers and do not keep each other up at night.  Caleb literally fell out of the bed the other night, let out a huge cry and Noah did not budge. 

Love this kid.

Well, Noah is now grabbing my arm with his fingernails (I swear, they grow an inch every night), reminding me that it is almost his morning nap time.  I will gladly oblige to his demand. 

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