The Kids

The Kids

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Other People's Children

This is for you, Kacie.  My sweet, camp friend who reads my blog to procrastinate on studying for her college finals.

I usually write about the witty things that my children say or do, but this time, I have two fun things from other families.  Yes, other families are funny, too.

-One of the doctors that I used to work for had this amusing story to share.  His son, who was recently potty trained, was missing some underwear.  Not from his drawer, but from his body.  When his dad asked him where his underwear was, he suddenly remembered that he had an accident at the neighbor's house and that he had left his wet underwear there.

Embarrassing enough, yet?  Oh, it gets better.

When his dad asked him where in the house the underwear was, he replied, "Don't worry, Dad, I hid them real good!"

The neighbors have yet to find the underwear.

-While at Caleb's preschool Easter party, one of the girls in his class was hovering over Noah.  She is African American and her parents had a baby boy shortly after Noah was born.  While she was cooing over Noah, I said, "You have a baby brother just like this, don't you?"

She looked at me and said, "Yeah, but he's not white!" 

Whoops.  My bad, Kamari.

Kids are fun.

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