The Kids

The Kids

Friday, August 12, 2011

Soccer Mom

Soccer started this week.

Need I go on?

I still feel like I am twenty-two years old and just out of college.  So, how is it possible that I currently drive a soccer mom mini-van?

There is a jogger stroller in the back, camping chairs in their bags thrown in there as well, fast food wrappers in the crevices of the backseat, and soccer balls rolling back and forth with each brake.  Every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday night, you can find me at the soccer field, watching one child play soccer, playing soccer with the other, while running after a baby who wants to crawl onto the field. 

I will take this life over being a dance mom any day.

Anyway, Abby picked up right where she left off last fall.  Once she got on the field, you would never think she had missed the spring season.  What surprised me was that at the end of her first practice, she had tears in her eyes.  Apparently, she felt lonely joining a team that had already played together in the spring.  Somehow, ice cream helped cheer her up and by her next practice, she was excited to play again.  Thankfully, a couple of other girls joined at the last minute so Abby is no longer the only "new girl" on the team.  They all seemed to have a lot more fun the second time around.

Caleb played at his first practice this week.  Watching little boys play soccer-absolutely hilarious.

When girls play soccer, even at a young age, they seem to listen to their coach and stand still when hearing instructions.  When boys play soccer, it looks like a bunch of puppies trying desperately to be good, but quickly failing.  Every little distraction had them turning their heads toward it and away from their coach.  When the coach was talking to them, they all had to join in on their opinions.

Sweet Caleb was one of the boys with the most opinions.  Shocking, I know.  I could not hear every comment he made, but I could tell by the look on his face that he was very serious about every subject he discussed. 

God bless the volunteer coaches.

Anyway, Caleb had a great time at practice.  He surprised me by not yelling or crying when he did not succeed and even laughed when he kept falling over.  Much different from his sister, who, at that age, would skip the remainder of practice if she tripped.  I love boys and their non-drama.

So, the freedom of summer is over and soccer is starting.  I am going to take notes from little Noah and just go with the flow of the hectic schedule.

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