The Kids

The Kids

Sunday, October 6, 2013

9 Years Old

My little Abby turned 9 years old today.  What?  Yep, I know.

I swear I was just driving home from work in 2004, suddenly feeling contractions three minutes apart as I dealt with ridiculous traffic on 275.  Yet, here we are and she is nine.  The last age of single digits.

Crap, I need a tissue.

My not-so-little Abby is just an amazing girl.  She is so smart-usually smarter than me, sadly.  I try to help her with her math homework and have to pull out my calculator.  I never dreamed a child of mine would be in accelerated math.  I was the girl in the high reading class and low math class (man, the things they do to us in school) so the fact that Abby does both so well is just plain awesome.

Speaking of reading-she still loves it.  I feel like I am cheating when I write down the minutes that she reads every night, but it is all true.  Yes, we have to ban the Harry Potter books from time to time because she loves to reread them, but hey-she has good taste in literature.

I may complain about being a soccer mom, but I truly love watching her play.  I love cheering her on and watching her get excited over a great play.  She works hard at everything and is very determined.

Abby's heart is so sweet.  She loves her friends and treats them well.  Even better, she is kind to those who are not always the easiest to be kind to.  Okay, so maybe she could be kinder to Caleb, but let's focus on the positive things in this post.

It is starting to make me nervous to see how quickly she is growing up.  Our parents always said how quickly it goes by, but that is so easy to shrug off during the baby years, when life is just trying to survive from day to day.  But, I swear it is true-I blinked and she is suddenly nine.

I love you so much, Abigail Grace, and love seeing who you are growing up to be.

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