The Kids

The Kids

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

You Did WHAT In The Loft?

Well, life is a little interesting with a dog.

Molly is awesome-so sweet, great with the kids, house broken.

Um, mostly house broken.

The first night that we had her, she must have been nervous because her farts were out of control.  I mean, yes, I live with three male species so I am used to a plethora of odors, but these were ridiculous.  We gave her plenty of opportunity to use the facilities of our backyard, but she never went.

As I went to bed that night, exhausted from a day of throwing a birthday party and adopting a dog, I heard Nick say from the hallway, "Um, Tammy, I think we have a problem."

Miss Molly had pooped in the loft.  And not just one poop-multiple poops in many places.  And they we were NOT solid.  Oh, and did I mention that the kids had not cleaned up their toys before bed that night?  Yep, Molly was not choosy about where her poop landed.

As I scooped it all up and Nick followed behind with the carpet cleaner and paper towels, I questioned whether we were cut out for this whole pet thing.  I heard Nick behind me, gagging and saying, "What on earth did we get ourselves into?"

Poor Molly saw us cleaning up her mess and she was so embarrassed.  She kept hiding and putting her tail between her legs.  At least the girl felt shame.

Thankfully, she has become more relaxed and that has not happened again.

(Actually, she has pooped in the loft a couple of times since, but she was kind enough to keep them solid and it always happened when we left her for too long.  Lesson learned for this week-take the dog on a walk before leaving the house for hours.)

Life is messy, I suppose-I just hope it does not always stay quite THIS messy.

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