The Kids

The Kids

Monday, October 7, 2013

Our New Family Member

So, this happened to our family...

Yep.  I figured it was too calm and clean in our house and we needed another creature to clean up after.

I am very wise.

It all started two days before the kid's birthday party when Nick said to me, "What about a dog for their birthday?"  Um, okay.  We have talked about it for years so why not look into it?  Maybe not go buy a dog that second, but at least consider the idea.

So, I did what everyone else does in this day and age-I consulted facebook land.

I asked my local friends where the best place to get a dog would be and was blessed with many answers.  I learned more than I ever thought I needed to know by posting that question.  Then, the answer that brought about the face you see above.  A mom friend from school saw that a friend of a friend had found a lost dog and she needed a home.  No tags, took her to the vet and no ID-just a loving dog who needed a family.  And they found her about 12 minutes from our house.

We always planned on getting a puppy that would grow up with the kids, but seeing this dog (and hearing that she was already house trained-hello!) changed our hearts.  I went to meet her the night before their party and knew pretty quickly that she belonged with our family.

So, after the kid's birthday party, we piled into the car and told them that we were going to get one last present that was for all three of them.  We pulled up to the house and imagine their confusion when we were standing in a stranger's front yard, looking at a strange dog.  It took Abby about a second to exclaim, "We're getting a dog?!"

The family who had found her and had kept her for a week were so kind.  They gave us a card that their daughter had written in, that told us all about what the dog liked.  I could tell that they would have loved to keep her, if not for allergies.

Once we got home, the discussion began on what to name our new family member.  The family who had taken care of her had called her "Princess" and "Shadow," but we decided on "Molly."

Gotta say, "Shadow," is a more appropriate name as she loves to follow us all around the house.  But, she is definitely a "Molly" and is just a barrel of fun.

There will be more stories to come of our Molly girl, but I must go now-she is chewing on a squeaky toy and begging for me to play with her.

And it begins...

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