The Kids

The Kids

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Buts, Justs, and In a Minutes

One of my annoyances with my children is their tendency to say, "But I...," "Just..." and "In a minute." Okay, so really Abby says these phrases. Caleb prefers to stand and scream in protest if he does not want to obey. Funny how he has learned so many words, copies everything his sister says, but still has to throw baby fits when he is really mad.

I know it's not really true, but deep down I kept thinking they would grow out of this phase. I was reminded of my ignorance when I taught Sunday School this morning.

My job was to tell the story of Joseph and then have the 4th grade students act out the scenes. Overall they were pretty good, but there are always those few that stand out. If you have ever attempted to teach a class, you know exactly what I'm talking about. The few I am thinking of today are the ones who had to answer every question (even if I did not call on them), volunteer to act every part, and then ad lib to every scene, usually with physical punching and running around to add to the fun.

What sticks in my mind from this morning is that I actually heard the phrases, "But, Just and In a minute" come out of their mouths when given instructions they did not want to follow. They always had an excuse for why they were disobeying and they really thought they knew better.

My experience is usually working with teenagers and now I am remembering they say the same excuses and really think they know better. It is as if we are all sinful, thinking we know better than our elders, until we become them and have to deal with the next generation.

I know my parents are laughing at me (and any person who ever attempted to instruct me) because revenge is theirs. Just like I will smile with sympathy, yet laugh inside, when my children discover this truth in 20 years.

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A Cincy Mama said...

Completely with you, girl!