The Kids

The Kids

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Oh, The Things He Is Saying Now

I have heard the second child often does not talk as much as the first child. This is usually because the first one talks for him/her. I thought this might happen with Caleb, especially since his sister never stops talking-ever.

But, no, I am blessed with two children who feel the need to express every thought, hurt, and exciting moment in their lives. Here are a few phrases I had the joy of hearing from Caleb this week...

Me: "Caleb, are you a big boy?"
Caleb: "No, Ba Ba, I'm a baby!"

Me (after hearing a little sound from his diaper): "Caleb, did you fart?"
Caleb: "No."
(Insert fluff sound from his diaper here)
Caleb (laughing): "I pooped, Ba Ba."

Anytime he is hugged, tickled, or has his diaper changed, I hear, "That tickles!"

Thankfully, instead of crossing his arms and yelling, "Nope!" to anything he does not want to do, he now gives a polite, "No thank you" and continues on his way. (Of course, once he is made to do something he does not want to do, then he yells-true testament to human nature.)

And finally, my favorite phrase of the week..."I love you." When you hear those words from your child for the first time, all is right in the world. It does not matter that he most likely doesn't understand the meaning-it still melts my heart.


Nick said...

Tammy, I know I am biased, but reading your blog is often the highlight of my day. Especially on days like this when I don't get to see you at all...

When I see that you have updated your blog, I smile. Thank you for writing. Hugs and kisses.

Amy D said...

I was thinking about the things Caleb said today (so funny and cute!). I kept wondering as I went through the day, what is Levi thinking, what would he say now if he could? Would he let me know that he just pooped or that smile while changing his diaper is because it tickles? How exciting to get a glimpse into their little mind! :-)

Carolynn said...

Hey Tammy! I saw your comment on my blog. Thanks for the compliment:) I have a Nikon D-60. It was a Mother's Day/Birthday Present from the whole family. I've wanted one FOREVER. I'm having a lot of fun with it. I do all the editing to the pictures on our Mac with iPhoto.