The Kids

The Kids

Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Good Day for Abby

One of Abby's favorite books is called, "A Good Day for Abbey." It is a story about a cat named Abbey who finds new friends and has a great day playing with them. The book was a gift from Miss Jessica (who is actually our friend Jessica Wesseler, but Abby always thinks she is visiting just for her, the princess of the house). I was thinking of that title today because it truly was a good day for her.

It started with our arrival at church this morning. While walking in, she saw her friend Lucy and not only did Lucy smile and run to her, but they held hands all the way into the building and continued to play together in their class.

At the end of worship, she got to see Mrs. Woods and Mike (as they are called since Abby could talk) and received lots of hugs from them.

After taking a decent nap, I took her to our park for some bike riding and playing. I biked for about an hour, pulling her behind me (once again, like a princess) on the Loveland bike trail, which is basically like biking through the woods (which makes a delightful day for me as well). After this bike ride, she was allowed to have chocolate ice cream with sprinkles and then played at the playground, making a couple of new friends along the way.

For dinner, I scrambled together "breakfast for dinner," which happens to be one of her favorite meals (who doesn't like pancakes for dinner?).

I think my favorite part of watching her enjoy this day is that none of it was planned. It was great timing running into people she loves at church, it was the absolutely beautiful weather that inspired me to go to the park, it was her brother sleeping longer that made the afternoon all about her, and it was my lack of preparing dinner ahead of time that resulted in her beloved pancakes.

I think as parents in this culture we tend to try and plan way too many things for our kids to have good days and good lives. But, when I look back on my kid's experiences so far, they seem to remember the simple things a lot more than the big things. The fact that Abby had my full attention all afternoon just made her day more than any event or tv show could do.

And honestly, it was a good day for me, too.


Anonymous said...

You brought tears to my eyes again, Tammy! You are such a good Mom and it does my heart so much good to see it.

I always think spending time, just casually even, builds security and growing processes so much more than dragging kids to this and that.

Wish I could have been there!! : )

meriah said...

I haven't felt like I can completely plan my days for years now.
And, my boys all LOVE having breakfast for dinner. :)