The Kids

The Kids

Monday, December 22, 2008

Advent Conspiracy

Is this why my children are constantly asking for my attention while I am too busy baking cookies, wrapping presents, sending cards and running errands?

Is this why I always feel I need something more, even though our house is fully decorated in Christmas mode and our tree will be full of presents in a few days?

Is this why my daughter just found one of my receipts and said, "Look, it's from Target!" because she saw the infamous logo?

I love giving gifts to our loved ones and would never feel guilty about money spent on them. I do, however, feel a bit guilty over the random things I have purchased all in the name of the holidays. And I take this a step further, thinking of all the purchases I have made all year on myself.

Every time I think I need something, I eventually get it, then realize something else I "need." 31 years later and I am just now learning that I will never be content with just "one more thing."

Now that I have these two little souls following everything that I do, I am suddenly aware how my priorities become their priorities. My attitude becomes their attitude.

During our advent reading at dinner tonight, Nick asked Abby why Jesus was born and she answered, "to save us." I pray she continues to give that answer as an adult and that it means something to her-more than just the correct answer.

I pray that for all of us.

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