The Kids

The Kids

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

An Improvement Of Gifts

Ten years ago, when Nick and I just started dating, this is what he gave me for Christmas:

Nick: "Hey, I have these two CDs that are really good. Listen to them, tell me which one you like the best, and I'll copy it for you."

No joke.

Oh, he gave me some candy as well.

Since then, he has improved a bit. Some Mother's Days I receive gift certificates for the spa. My 30th birthday included a party and a night in a fancy hotel. However, usually for Christmas we are not very romantic. We usually decide what expensive purchase we are both longing for and just buy it together. My personal favorite example of this was our DVR. I was trying to surprise Nick and get it for him and when he found out, he said, "Great! Let's get it for each other and call it even."

I promise, the man is really a wonderful husband who is usually very thoughtful.

This year, I thought it might be another bust. He began by giving me a toaster.

Oh, I'm really not kidding.

I was pleased to see it and gave a good smile, but when he said, "I got this for you because I know we really need it," I knew something was up. He proved me right when he had Abby give me the actual present-a really, really nice hair straightener. I am not usually a fussy woman, but I do have high maintenance hair so this gift was really thoughtful. In my opinion, he totally made up for that first Christmas.

I mean, could it really get worse than "tell me which one and I'll copy it for you?"


Teresa said...

hilarious! what a cheap-o; why couldnt he just have copied both cd's for you and said "I think you will like these."

Tammy said...

Or actually buy them! In the long run, we would have just ended up with two of the same thing so maybe he just knew back then we would be married someday :)

Elizabeth said...

What a great, thoughtful gift! It never hurts to drop a thousand hints. Did he tell you he saw Scott in line at Identity? Apparently our sweet men are both procrastinators. :)

Hope you guys enjoyed your trip North and had a good New Year's Eve!

Tammy said...

I did hear they saw each other-they are just like most husbands who shop at salons on Christmas Eve! Hope you enjoyed whatever Scott picked out!