The Kids

The Kids

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Some Humorous Stories

I promise. I really do plan on writing about camp. The problem is is that so many funny things keep coming out of my children's mouths that I just have to write about them instead.

Here are some of the latest, in no particular order...

On the drive home the other day, Nick was merging onto the highway in a construction zone. While attempting to take the gap in traffic and move over, the moron in the right lane decided to speed up. Apparently, he thought his truck carrying a boat behind him was going to move quicker than our mini-van (it was a toss up considering how much weight we were carrying in the van from our week away). Anyway, as Nick swerved back over, narrowly missing the construction zone barrels (I have hit one of those before-it's fun), a few choice words escaped his mouth. I will not repeat them here, but I will say that Caleb immediately echoed him with, "Hun of a pitch."

While cleaning up toys before bedtime tonight, I made a comment about how I am so tired of cleaning up after everyone else. I asked Abby how she would like it if she had to spend her day cleaning up after her family. Her response? "Well, someday when I get married and have kids-because I really want to have kids someday, Mommy-if no one cleans up, then we will all do it together. You know, like me and the daddy that I marry and my kids, Abby and Caleb."

My personal favorite happened while being away from them last week. Abby was doing a terrific job of taking naps for her Grammy (Caleb, on the other hand, not so much). My mom made a point to thank her for being so good. Apparently, she looked surprised and said, "But Grammy, I can't break my promise to my mom! I told her I would take naps for you!" (Too bad the promise only lasts at her house and not mine!)

As Nick is now in South Africa (or, at the point that I am writing this, crossing the ocean), I am sure the next week alone with the kids will bring up some more entertaining tales.

Lord, give me strength.

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