The Kids

The Kids

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Spiritual Gift

I have just arrived home after spending an amazing week at Camp Lambec. As I have just sat down after driving all day across the great state of Ohio, I will save my reflective thoughts on the week for future posts. For today, however, I have to share a funny story of a child that is not my own.

I know-shocking that other children are as funny as mine. Go figure.

One of our younger campers, Esther, is quite a character. During the Bible study that my friend Adrianne was leading, they somehow started talking about spiritual gifts. Esther immediately raised her hand and said, "I know what my spiritual gift is! It's hospitality!"

About five seconds passed when she then asked, "What's hospitality mean?"

Love it.

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Tim Parenti said...

This was funny when you told it at camp, and is still funny now! Let the spirit of camp and the Spirit of Christ not die in us!