The Kids

The Kids

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Caleb's Issues

It feels like I write about Caleb's pooping issues quite often. It is just that he always has so many funny stories that I have to share them. This particular post is one of these moments.

(Please excuse the detailed account of this most recent experience.)

If you are a faithful reader, you know that Caleb has had some issues with holding in his poop for a few days, making it hurt, thus making him think he does not want to go again for fear of the pain and then starts the cycle all over again. I hear this is a common thing for potty training boys, but it does not take away the agony of watching my little boy go through pain.

This past week, while visiting my family in PA, we realized it had been almost a week since he had gone. No matter how much he ate, nothing seemed to come. Finally, after an evening of stopping mid-play to push out air, he announced he would sit on the potty.

Well, who wouldn't want to do that? Have you ever tried pooping standing up? (Please do not answer that.)

Once he sat down, he immediately pushed out a week long build up of you know what. After I flushed it, it struggled to go down, but the toilet seemed to handle it. Or so it seemed.

Because of the clog that my son caused, any time someone wanted to use the toilet, the plunger had to be within reach. Finally, it came to the point where my dad (my hero) had to take it apart to fix the problem.

I know-it takes a real man to tackle that problem. I am thankful that my dad is a real man.

Once he took the toilet apart from the floor and realized the clog was within the toilet itself, he took it outside, found the appropriate place to turn it upside down (an advantage to living on a dairy farm) and when "it" came out, it sounded like a softball hitting the ground.

How on earth did Caleb push that out? That thing survived draino, tons of plunging, and other products with hot water thrown at it.

The beauty of it all was that he continued to go for two days-all day. On a week where I was supposed to enjoy great food and relaxation, my days were instead filled with plunging and wiping my child's butt-a lot.

Ah, the holidays.

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Anonymous said...

Tammy I really had to laugh at this post. Caleb must be a clone of my oldest boy (name withheld) because we had the same problem so many times with him. He would make himself sick and look so peaked, and then we knew it was time for the bathroom ritual. He never took time to sit, and of course it was up to Mom to actually dig and pull(not a pretty sight). We never had to take the toilet apart, but I remember using the plunger many times.Bless little Caleb and hopefully he will continue to use the potty when necessary. It seemed in no time at all it was over with, and he was OK and everything came out like it was supposed too. (I hope my son isn't reading this, at 40 years something he probably doesn't want this known)