The Kids

The Kids

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Little Drummer Boy

I was less than thrilled when one of our local Christian radio stations began playing Christmas music the week before Halloween. Starting a little before Thanksgiving I can understand. But, in October? Come on. I love Christmas music, but it loses its luster when overplayed. How can I hear, "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas" when I am still wearing flip-flops?

My children are the opposite. Every time we get in the car, they request "the Christmas station." Caleb, in particular, always wants to hear "Little Drummer Boy." And not just any version of that song, but the one that "has the dings." If any other singer or band (nice try Jars of Clay) attempts to sing it different from the original version, Caleb demands we turn it off. My son loves to hear the choir of women singing the song slowly with bells dinging in the background.

At least he has an ear for music.

I suppose I can be forgiving of this particular radio station. After all, they did allow me to win free tickets to the David Crowder Band concert last weekend. Not only that, but while we were there, they also gave us his new album for free. I believe my chances of winning must have been high because so many people turned off their station in refusal to listen to the non-stop Christmas music. (I base this on the boos the DJ received when she asked the crowd how they were enjoying the Christmas music being played early.)

So, thank you Caleb and your "Little Drummer Boy" song request-you kept us listening to the station that gave us our tickets.


Bev said...

It's weird- I got the kids some Christmas CD's from Ollies and as I was listening to them I thought- I bet Caleb would like the Little Drummner Boy! I also think they're going to get a real kick out of Twelve Days of Christmas! Just something nice you and Nick can listen to on the way home- with your Christmas tree on top of the van!

Tammy said...

Could we be any more Griswald?

aunt karen said...

oh tammy! that is my favorite song for christmas!! i listen just to hear the little drummer boy. i, like caleb, do not like some of the versions out there.
cant wait to see you