The Kids

The Kids

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Not My Child

While playing Cranium with friends, a toy suddenly came crashing down from the loft, hitting two people in the head. While the irony on the body part that was hurt in relation to the name of the game was not lost on anyone, our first reaction was to find out where it came from. Immediately, without taking a moment to look around, I yelled, "Who did that?"

Now, we were at someone else's house with at least six little kids running around. I just assumed it was one of mine who made the grave mistake of flinging a toy over the half wall, which explains my "mom voice." However, once I took the moment to look around, I realized my daughter was sitting nicely, playing with play-doh and Caleb was right next to me.

Yes, I am super observant.

I felt awful when I realized it was someone else's child. As if the mom did not feel bad enough-she had to have me yell at her kid first. Thankfully, she was so busy apologizing to the injured that she did not mind my "mom voice" shouting out above the group.

What is kind of sad is that once I realized it was another child, I felt bad for him. He did not mean to hurt anyone and, let's be honest-throwing toys over a loft is just way too tempting for a kid. However, if it was my child, he or she would immediately be in trouble and I would feel no sympathy.

Hmm. Glad my Father is full of more grace than I am.

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Anonymous said...

Your Heavenly Father or your Father? lol ..... ACarol