The Kids

The Kids

Friday, November 13, 2009

Morning Accident

I was slightly annoyed with the truck in front of me. I was driving down Roundbottom Road after taking Abby to school, really wishing I could go faster. It is one of those rare back roads in Cincinnati where you can finally speed a little bit. However, sometimes you get behind one of those rule abiding drivers who stick with a steady 40 mph. This morning I was behind one of those such drivers.

As we approached the intersection where I turn left, I was thrilled to see that he was continuing on going straight. Our light was green, he kept going and I slowed down to make sure no one was coming straight from the other direction.

I am very, very thankful that I slowed down. And I am very, very thankful that I was behind that truck.

As he continued on through the intersection, a car came straight through from my left, thinking her light was green as well. This resulted in a huge crash.

Thankfully they were okay, except for a few bruises and some soreness. Her car was smoking, items had flown out from the trunk onto the opposite side of the road, every piece of it was smashed and his truck was not looking much better. After I called 911, the other witness and myself waited around for the police to show up.

It is situations like this where you really see human character.

While the other witness and I shared what we saw and made sure the drivers were okay, another nice man stopped and helped direct traffic around the crash site. He was doing the best he could, trying to give everyone a turn in order. There we all were-glass everywhere, two shaken up people with only strangers to comfort them and a smiling man trying to help other drivers. And what does this lady in her white SUV do? She rolls down her window, rudely yells, "Excuse me! You just let all those people go and I'm still sitting here!"


What is wrong with people? Was that woman so self-involved that she thought waiting for an extra 30 seconds was the worst thing to happen to anyone that day? We all just stood there, completely shocked. The names everyone wanted to call her finally came to mind as she drove on her merry way.

Anyway, the police finally showed up, took our statements, and then Caleb and I continued on home. My heart hurts especially for that woman, since it was most likely her fault. I had helped her pick up the stroller that went flying and noticed the car seats in the back, thankful that her kids were not in the car with her.

It all happens in a second. A split second. And when tragedy hits, it is a blessing to have caring people around. Thankfully, the SUV woman was not a witness to the accident. Something tells me her report would have been all about her and how this crash messed up her morning routine.

I guarantee it already did and that is the story she is telling others right now. What a rough morning for the dear woman. I sincerely hope she gets help.

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Tim Parenti said...

Yikes! Glad you're safe. And yes, some people need to sort out their priorities.