The Kids

The Kids

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Favorite Time Of The Day

When I take Caleb out of the bath, wrap him in his robe, then sit and cuddle before putting his pajamas on, we have a tradition-we talk about our favorite parts of the day.

It started when he was younger and I was just trying to distract him into sitting still. Now, if I am distracted and forget to ask, he says, "Mom, my favorite part of the day was..." And of course Abby chimes in when she's within earshot-I think she gets jealous of any time spent apart from her.

What I am amazed by is Caleb's usual response..."My favorite part of the day was being with you and Abby and Daddy." It does not matter if we went to the park, spent time with family or even saw Thomas Live-his favorite part always involves time with his family.

When we had our sad loss a little while ago, Abby said to me that night, "This was a good day because we got to sit and cuddle today." Wow. Because I could not motivate myself to do anything when I found out that news, I simply sat on the couch with the kids, cuddled and let them watch television. And in my laziness, my daughter found precious time with her mommy.

I suppose since my kids have reached this "independent" stage, I do not sit and just be with them very often. I am too busy with my "job" as a stay-at-home mom, that I forget the mom part of my title. The laundry, dinner and cleaning can wait-sometimes just sitting around with them is the most constructive thing I can do in a day.

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