The Kids

The Kids

Thursday, December 31, 2009

To Whom Do You Pray

The kids have a routine of how they pray, whether it be at mealtime or bedtime. Sometimes they go through the basics of all the family and other times they keep adding on random things they are thankful for. One thing they always say they are thankful for is Joey and Nico. These boys are cousins who live in CA and who they absolutely adore when they get to visit. Both Abby and Caleb remind each other to pray for them.

Sometimes Caleb interrupts his sister when she is praying. If it is not his turn to pray, he finds it more fun to sing or babble, just to annoy her (and his mom and dad). Trying to explain why it is important to listen while someone else is praying, I asked him, "Caleb, who are we talking to when we are praying?" He answered, "Joey and Nico."

Well, there you go CA Aunt Karen-your boys are on the same level as the Creator in my son's opinion :)


Karen said...

OMGOODNESS Tammy....I first read this at work and almost started crying cuz it was so sweet. When I came home this afternoon, I read it to Joey and Nico, and Joey's comments was, "sweet"!! Nico didn't understand, but when I re-read it and explained, he said, "cool"...I pray for all of you everyday and thank God you are in our lives! Now, if we just lived a little closer!? Aunt Karen

Tim Parenti said...

Too cute! With a mother like you, he'll get it all sorted out soon enough, I'm sure.

Happy New Year!