The Kids

The Kids

Sunday, December 27, 2009


I have a very kind brother who gave up his bedroom for my kids when we are visiting. They now have the biggest room that they can share and keep all the toys in. It has been interesting how they have behaved as roommates. For the most part, they have whispered sweetly to each other and then fallen quickly asleep, since these past couple of days have been very busy. Today, however, they presented us listening to the monitor folks with a treat of a conversation.

Abby decided she had to go to the bathroom, which of course reminded Caleb that he had to go, too. These are some of the sentences that we heard...

"Good job peeing, Abby!"
"Thank you, Caleb."
"Caleb, do you need to pee or poop?"
"Just pee"
(sounds of grunts)
"I need to poop."
"Just keep pushing, Caleb."
"It's funny when I pee when I poop."
"Hold your peep down, Caleb."
(more sounds of grunts)
"Caleb, take a deep breath and let it out. That will help you poop."
"Look Abby, I got some poop out!"
Abby cheering "Go Caleb go! Go Caleb go! Push out the poop! Go Caleb go!"

Apparently, after I went up and cleaned him up he decided to go again without all the announcements. Eventually, Abby yelled "Caleb pooped again!" and when I went to clean him up, he said, "It's okay, Mom. Abby already cleaned me up."

I will spare my readers the details of exactly how well my daughter cleaned up her little brother's butt, but suffice to say I had to help him out.

Well, at least I have been able to get a good night's sleep with Caleb out of my room. Good luck Abby.

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Christi said...

We laughed at this account!!!!
What precious children!