The Kids

The Kids

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

9 Months And Counting

With his Great-Grandpa
 Time for another Noah update. 

I am trying to wonder why I ever buy toys.  This kid has quite a collection to choose from, considering he is the third child.  Yet, all he wants to do is explore and play with non-toys.

His personal favorites are the collection of measuring cups (which he has discovered make pretty swell drums), the tv and dvd remotes (so that is why I keep finding the dvd player on), and my laptop.  Seriously, if I am on here, the kid just looks at me with those really cute eyes, smiles, then attacks the keyboard with his sticky fingers.

He also loves to "help" me upload the dishwasher.  He has this type of radar to know when I am opening the door.  He could be playing contently with his toys (for once), but the moment he hears it open, he immediately races for the kitchen to be a part of the action.  It reminds me of a cat hearing the can opener.

Why are doorstops so exciting?  Every one of my children (especially this one) loves to flick the doorstop and hear its funny noise.  But, that is not enough.  They then have to take it off the wall and chew on it.  Noah then takes it with him everywhere that he goes as some sort of proof of his accomplishment.

Well, apart from the destruction of my home belongings, Noah is a very sweet baby.  I do not know if baby is quite the right term anymore, considering he is moments away from walking.  He stands around and cruises a lot.  I just pulled out the toy that helped the other two learn to walk and he immediately fell in love with it.  He walks around the house with it all day (until he gets stuck and just looks at me for help).

Noah still says "Mama" a lot and finally added "Dada" the other day.  He tries to say "Abby."  He gets as far as "Ahhhh" and I know what he means so that is good enough for now.

I love how much he is growing, but a part of me is sad every time that he does something new.  I felt like Abby was a baby forever, but Noah is flying through the growth stages so fast, that I feel like I am missing them.   I just want him to stay this little cuddle boy forever, probably because we plan on this being our last baby.  Yet, I love seeing him learn new things every day and look forward to finding out who he becomes.

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