The Kids

The Kids

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mom's Vacation

When a friend of mine heard we were going on vacation, she asked, "So, when is your vacation?"

Any mom knows exactly what she meant by that.

Vacation is great, but it is also a lot of work for the moms.  I am fortunate enough to have a wonderful husband who spends a lot of time with the kids and helps out so much.  However, it really does come down to the mom to remember everything that the day requires.  And I mean everything.

Trip to the beach?  For me, that required a bag of beach towels, sunscreen, and hats.  And sand toys, baseball gear and chairs.  Also the cooler filled with water and lunch.  And a lunch bag.  Also, the diaper bag, the feeding chair and more sunscreen.  In that diaper bag, I had to remember wipes, diapers, feeding utensils, formula, bottles, bags, and bibs. 

And I wonder why I forgot my own sunglasses and book to read.  As if I would have ever had a chance to read a book.  There is a reason that my books usually stay in the bathroom-it is the only peaceful place to think.

Time at the pool?  Most of the same items listed above, but add on arm bands and floation devices, plus the condo key and pool toys.  Oh, and the security guy just happened to hand me the wristband that our group had to keep with us at all times while at the pool.  Seriously?  Did my hands look empty or something?

Going out to eat?  Again, the diaper bag, this time filled with toys and cheerios to keep Noah entertained.  Not that any of those things worked-he still wanted to be held the entire meal.  All of the extended family was great with holding him and walking around with him.  I just always find it humorous that when the main course arrives, Noah automatically finds himself back in my arms.  Which is great-I love the kid.  Just wish he did not love grabbing everything on my plate.

Shopping was fun.  I waited all week to go into my favorite store at the boardwalk.  And how did I spend it?  Abby had to go to the bathroom.  The nearest one was a few minutes walk away.  We found it just in time, then I had to deal with her tears as her favorite ring went down the drain.  Got back to the store, spent about five seconds looking in the store, when Caleb announced that he had to go to the bathroom. 

Oh, and this was in the midst of a diarrhea phase he was going through.

I carried him to the bathroom, begging him to not go on me, and made it just in time.  He could barely walk back to the store because he was sore (from many bathroom trips), so I had to call it a night and leave early. 

After a night of Noah keeping us up all night (we later discovered it was from teething, which led me to regret my impatient thoughts toward my son), I thought I would attempt to take a nap by the pool.  When sharing a condo with eleven other people, the pool was the most peaceful place to sleep.  About ten minutes into my nap, Abby joined me.  She went straight into the pool, which meant I then had to keep my eyes open and watch her.

Okay, so laying poolside while watching my daughter swim is still a pretty great vacation.  I just cannot express the level of exhaustion that I was feeling right then.

Add on the constant stress of keeping the kids quiet and well-behaved (especially in the early hours when others are sleeping) and then the super long trip home...well, let me just say that I am ready for that mom vacation.

However, watching my kids find their inner fish while in the pool...watching them build sand castles together...painting pottery with my daughter...watching Noah smile at the waves and hear him laugh in the water...totally worth it.

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