The Kids

The Kids

Monday, July 18, 2011

Letting Them Go

I just returned home from counseling at camp (hence my lack of blogging).  I have many thoughts to share, both about camp and missing my kids, but today, I want to share what is heaviest on my heart.

We counselors only get a week to engage in the lives of our campers.  That is one week to hear their stories, offer advice and a listening ear, and send them back to reality.

I heard some heartbreaking stories this past week.  Some that made me wish we could keep their tender selves in the bubble of Camp Lambec.  Away from bullies, peer pressure, and tough family lives. 

I also heard a lot of deep questions, some that are still being debated by great theologians today.  Again, one week is never enough time to even come close to answering them.

The age of technology that we live in is helpful.  Communicating through facebook and email (at least for me, who lives 300 miles away from the campers) is a great way of keeping up with them.

However, I find myself clinging to the most important thing that I can be doing for them-prayer.  As the campers are now back in their real worlds, my heart is heavy in prayer for them.  If only the bubble could last forever.

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Melanie said...

What an amazing gift to give - both the time there and especially the prayer after! I still find myself praying for one camper over a decade later, and as the age gap was much smaller have stayed friends with some campers in real life too. One of my 'campers' is even giving me mommy advice as I'm a new parent and she has four already. :)