The Kids

The Kids

Monday, July 4, 2011

Car Trip

For anyone who has traveled with children, this post is for you.  And if you have never traveled with kids, then consider yourself warned.

When caravaning with others, it is almost a certainty that they will all need to use the bathroom exactly 20 minutes after the baby has fallen asleep.

Your child, no matter how sweet, will suddenly develop the arms of an octopus when you attempt to find him in the car.  Baby food will land everywhere except for in his mouth.  And if you are giving him a bottle, he will take the longest he has ever taken to eat because he knows that you are uncomfortable sitting there.

Your children singing to a song they love is very endearing.  When you are crammed between them in the backseat while attempting to feed the above mentioned octopus and they are screaming the song from the top of their lungs-not so endearing.

Your baby will promptly poop in his diaper ten minutes after you have left a rest stop.

You may think you are being a good parent by rewarding good car trip behavior with a chocolate milkshake, but in reality, you are bringing on more trouble.  Within a few minutes of the shake being finished, one of your children will throw it all up.  The best part is when the only thing you have available to catch the vomit in is a McDonald's Happy Meal box.

Chocolate liquid running through a cardboard box.  Onto your lap and down your legs.  Onto the carpet and to all of the surrounding objects.  While the baby is crying because he is waiting for his bottle that you were previously holding in front of him.

I do not believe I will be drinking a chocolate milkshake anytime in the near future.

Fourteen hours of traveling like this and you will find yourself needing a vacation from vacation.

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Mary said...

Hey! We're only three hours from Myrtle Beach! We could come visit you... :-)

We can TOTALLY relate! Traveling with four small children has its same "rewards." Ha! Ha! Ha! HA!

Love the blog! Keep 'em coming...