The Kids

The Kids

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Beetle

Sometimes I forget how different boys are. 

Then Caleb makes friends with a beetle and I am suddenly reminded that I have no idea what goes on in their heads.

As we were getting ready to leave my parent's house yesterday, he found a beetle.  He carefully put it in a box for the trip home and when I asked him the beetle's name and he looked at me like I was stupid and said, "Joey Votto."

Of course.  What else would his name be?  Since one of our fish and most of Caleb's stuff animals are named after his favorite Reds player, of course the beetle's name would follow suit.

As we started our trip, it was suggested that Caleb let Votto go on the side of the road, since chances were slim that he would survive the five hour drive.  As Caleb thought about his choice, I saw his face begin to crumble.  He had to either let the bug go and save his life, or keep his new friend for a little longer, risking his end.

The sobs began and we finally agreed to let Votto continue on our journey a little longer.  Caleb let the beetle crawl all over him and talked very sweetly with him.  My favorite line of the trip was "I just kissed him!"

Great.  Remind me not to kiss you before your bath tonight.

True to family pet tradition, Caleb passed out into a blissful nap on the way home while Nick and I took turns checking on the bug.  We made sure he was still alive and not escaping.  Finally, about an hour from home, Caleb finally agreed that his "moving slower than before" friend needed to breathe the open air and leave us.

We pulled over, Caleb said his tearful (and I mean tearful) good-bye to Joey Votto, and I released him into the wild.  We talked about how he would find a wife and start a family and be happy.  As we pulled away, Caleb sobbed and stared out the back window.

Yes, I teared up, too.  What have these children done to me?

All of this over a beetle.

I love Caleb's tender heart.  And his imagination.  He truly believes in his heart that this beetle and his new family will find their way to our house someday. 

Both kids are now talking about wanting a dog and a cat.  Lord, help me.

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