The Kids

The Kids

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Since when did being a parent become so hard?

Nick planned on taking Abby and Caleb to the Reds game tonight.  It was the last chance to take them to a game for this season that was not on a school night.  The only thing the kids had to do was not cry if they lost their soccer games and pick up their stuff around the house.

Simple, right?

Well, Caleb was doing okay.  He was playing soccer really well and was keeping a good attitude.  All of a sudden, the other team had the nerve to stop him from running the ball down and scoring again, and he just stopped in the middle of the field.  We assumed it was because he was tired since he had been in the entire game at that point.  He took a break and we thought he was going to go back in.

Nope.  For no logical reason, Caleb decided to not play the rest of the game.  No matter what we said or what his coach said, he refused.

And he refused with loud crying.

While we all watched his team lose the lead and get destroyed (I am clearly not bragging since I am admitting his terrible attitude, but he is the best player on the team so far), our confusion grew.  Who was this kid?  Certainly not ours-we are better parents than that, right? 

After shutting down his arguments and excuses, Caleb finally admitted he was wrong and apologized.  He knows he is going to apologize to his coach and if he ever does that again, soccer is over.  It is not about winning or losing the game-it is about quitting.  He needs to know that he cannot quit the game just because he is mad at how it is going. 

He is almost five-years old.  Shouldn't he know all of these life lessons, yet?

Anyway, as much as Nick wanted to take him to the Reds game tonight, he knew he had to say no. 

It really sucks when their punishment messes up our plans.

Since Abby was a dream today (played a great game with only one sub, she got a cramp and stopped for a few minutes, got over it, ran back in and scored a goal, helping to win the game) and helped out at home without complaining, I took her to the movies.

Caleb stayed home and cleaned his room.

I really want my kids to be happy and do fun things.  Yet, I do not want them to get whatever they want after not earning it and to be spoiled brats.

Again, when did this parenting thing become so hard?


It is just so exhausting.


Melanie said...

Good for you for sticking with your set boundaries. It IS exhausting...and worth it. Hang in there.

Wiggwam said...

we recently started going through this as well. you have these wonderful plans (that you KNOW they'll love)...and then you are forced to cancel in order to stick to consequences. BUT, even though it is disappointing to let go of the lost opportunity to make memories that time, you are working to build LASTING character in your kids. What a pay off. way to go! So much easier to let it go and forget how important our roles are.