The Kids

The Kids

Sunday, September 25, 2011


I turned 34 yesterday.  Yep.

Birthdays used to be fun.  Getting another year older was greeted with excitement and everyone gathered around to celebrate the milestone.  I looked forward to receiving gifts and being treated great all day.

Now, my only request for a gift was that each child would not complain, not cry and clean their rooms.

Not one of them listened.

Caleb fell apart during his soccer game (again), Noah whined a bunch (still in the screeching phase, too), and Abby ended the day by crying because she was not allowed to have a sleepover at her grandma's house.

Thanks kids.

Oh well.  Such is the life of a mother.  I would rather have my kids and all their faults then not having them at all.  They did get me some very pretty, scented candles :)

For some reason, I am really feeling my age this time around.  I just keep seeing 40 growing closer and closer.  It sounds old, but now that I have many friends who are 40 and over, it does not seem that old at all.  I still feel like I am in college and I am pretty sure they feel the same way.

Makes me wonder if my grandparents feel that age, too.

Anyway, it was a nice day, in the midst of typical children.  I got to sleep in until 8:30 (that really was a big deal for me), followed by breakfast in bed.  I went grocery shopping-alone.  We went out to eat after the soccer games were over and I received a free dessert complete with the restaurant staff singing to me.  Very loudly.

We also had cake and ice cream at the house.  Candles were forgotten, so after searching my cupboards, the only candles I could find were old number candles from the kids' past birthday parties.  However, the only numbers I could find were "3" and "1."  So, I blew out candles that said I was "31."

I had absolutely no problem with that.

Now life is moving on, I am another day older, and I am too busy planning the kids' birthday bash to even really remember that I just had my birthday.

Such is life.

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