The Kids

The Kids

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Caleb's Dad Is The Coolest

We all got out of the car and started heading to the field for Caleb's first t-ball (oh, excuse me, he wants to make sure that I call it baseball) practice.  Nick suddenly elbowed me and said, "Look, do you see who that is?"

I looked around and saw a tall guy helping his family out of the car.  Nick saw Scott Rolen, player for the Cincinnati Reds. 

As Scott and his family followed us to the same field, I saw Nick getting giddy with joy.  As it turned out, our kids are playing on the same team.

Oh, it probably helps that our coach used to be the trainer for the Reds.  Our sons are good friends from school.

Anyway, it was a fun practice.  As I walked around, pushing Noah in the stroller, I was able to observe a lot.  Apart from the obvious hilarity of little boys and girls attempting to play baseball, I noticed my husband trying to play it cool.  I also watched Abby realize that some of her classmates were on the team, which led her to beg to play as well.  Well, since we were already there...

At the end of the practice, the coach went around and introduced all of the parents to the kids, calling us "Coach so and so," even though half of us have no business being called a coach.  It was pretty sweet to hear the kids say, "Hi, Coach Rolen."

I was sure that Nick was going to pass out.

What I find funny, though, is as much as Nick said to Caleb, "Do you know who that is?!," Caleb was just excited about playing.  He wanted to hit the ball, run the bases and make some plays.  And he really wanted his dad to be there.  Joey Votto could have been there and Nick still would have been the most important person on Caleb's list to show off for.

Caleb is at that perfect age where he worships his dad and wants him to be around all of the time.  While I get the one word answers to how school was, Nick gets the details.  I do my best to pitch the ball, but Nick does it better.

I think it is pretty awesome.  I get to be married to a pretty cool guy.

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