The Kids

The Kids

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Full Reliance

Just another writing by Abby.  The subject title was, "Fully Rely On God."

One time my brother Caleb was being triple the times crazy than before.  He was stealing my dolls, scribling on my drawings, and tearing my paintings.  I had to fully depend on God. 

Feel free to take the time to laugh out loud so far.

I had to keep asking and asking God to make him stop.  Then, he finally stopped.  I kept thanking and thanking God.  He helped me a lot when that happened.

One time Noah was only two months old and he was pulling my hair.  It hurt!  I kept hitting his hand but he wouldn't stop.  Then mom said to stop hitting him.  So I tried tikling him.  No luck.  So I had to ask God to help me.  I asked and asked, and finnally he stoped.  I thanked and thanked God. 

One time I was having troble with math.  I was not that good at it.  I kept making mistakes.  I tried hard but I did not get it.  I prayed and prayed.  Finnally I started to understand it.  And now I am much better and I think its easy peasy leamon squeasy!

As much as I laughed over this, I was also challenged by my seven-year old to rely on God a bit more.  I say that I do, but all of my doubts and complaints show otherwise.  Perhaps I need to ask and ask and pray and pray some more.

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