The Kids

The Kids

Saturday, April 7, 2012

What Bunny?

Abby came home the other day and said to me, "Don't worry, I won't tell Caleb and Noah this, but I know you are the Easter Bunny."

Um, hello Abby.  How was your day today?  Can I have your backpack?  And what did you just say?

Apparently, they read a book at school that explained how the Easter Bunny story came to be.  Which made her class question since it is a story, then is the bunny for real?  Abby told me that her teacher told the truth and that the Easter Bunny is not real.

Now, I am getting this from a seven-year old, so I am sure there was more to the conversation than her teacher (who we love) destroying their innocence.  Abby was quite skeptical about Santa so finding out about the bunny was not exactly earth shattering.  She most likely made the connections on her own.

Instead of being disappointed about it, Abby is finding it amusing to know something that her brothers do not know.  When I told the kids to stay upstairs while I brought stuff in the house today (i.e. basket supplies), Caleb asked why and Abby quickly said, "Oh, just because."

She thinks she is so smart.

I did appreciate this comment from Abby over breakfast this morning (just us and not Caleb)..."Mom, since you are the Easter Bunny, thank you for my scooter."

That was two years ago, but the thank you still feels pretty sweet.

Anyway, my always questioning and smart girl said to Nick this morning (again, without the presence of Caleb), "Since the Easter Bunny isn't real, I wonder if Santa Claus is real?"

Nick's response?  He pretended to be asleep.

It breaks my heart to see her grow up so quickly and leave some of these childish games behind.  But, I also love that she knows the real reason for the Easter celebration and continues to grow in that belief more each day.

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