The Kids

The Kids

Monday, April 16, 2012

The Destruction Of Boys

Caleb insisted on playing baseball in the house.  Ignoring my warnings, he hit a ball right into my shelf, breaking the top of a vase.

This was within an hour after he broke a picture frame in the same location.

Amazing how the "I'm sorry's" actually seem sincere when he sees the look of wrath coming from his mother.

Noah got into the lazy susan cupboard, took our my huge (and heavy) salad bowl and somehow smashed it to pieces.  Yes, I was in the house, only a room away.  That is how quickly the tornado hit.  It was a wedding shower gift that had lasted over ten years-gone.

Not finding that satisfying enough, he decided to get me where it really hurt-my floor lamp.  While I was moving some things off the carpet (carpet cleaner was on his way), I heard a scared sound come from Noah.  I turned around and found him holding the living room floor lamp in his arms, afraid of getting stuck.

Well, genius, that is what happens when you pull the lamp over on yourself.

As I raced across the room, he let go and it shattered.  The entire glass cover broke into many, many, many pieces.

Noah looked scared, cried, and ran away.  Not sure if it was because of the fear of something falling on him or the fear of his mother.  Either way, good thing he left.

After picking up the many, many, many pieces of glass (and cutting my fingers many, many, many times), I looked over at Noah and he was fine.  Perfectly fine, emptying my tuperware drawer.

Oh, and then it gets really fun.  I had my printer out in the living room (what was I thinking) from my time of printing coupons and school stuff.  Because I got lazy about putting it away (but did keep it unplugged and out of the way), Noah decided it was a toy.  A few broken pieces later, and I can no longer get it to work.

So, let's tally it up.  One salad bowl, one floor lamp, one picture frame, one printer and one vase.  Add on one more vase, on serving dish, one glass cooking pot, a few ripped up cook books, and the outer cover up my checkbook tore open and that equals...

One exhausted mom who wonders how she will survive these boys.

Deceivingly cute, aren't they?

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