The Kids

The Kids

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Couple Of Calebisms

Sometimes Caleb really surprises me.

He can go from being a typical five-year old boy whose room is always a mess, who does not hear half the things that I say to him, to only thinking of himself... this...

"I think I know why Jesus died for us.  To take us to Heaven.  He made Heaven for us!"

He randomly said this while walking up the stairs to voluntarily clean his room.

While voluntarily cleaning his room, he said, "I just feel like cleaning my room.  Some days I don't feel like it, but today I do!"

Okay Caleb.  Clean away. 

Of course this is also the same kid who said the other day, "I'm sorry, Abby" for something he did wrong to her.  When I asked, "Are you ever going to do that again?" he replied, "Maybe."

At least he is honest.

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