The Kids

The Kids

Saturday, August 4, 2012


Nick and I have a habit of talking with each other and forgetting that little ears are hearing absolutely every word.

Particularly Abby's ears.

We were discussing the pros to Nick scheduling a certain surgery that would prevent us from having more children.  As much as we love our children, we would like to send them to college someday and eventually get out of debt, which requires me working at some point.

Remember when a family could live on one salary?  Yeah, me neither.

Anyway, as we were discussing it, Abby (from two rooms away) asked, "Why do you have to have surgery, Daddy?"

We looked at each other, I gave him the look and yet he still said, "So we don't have any more kids."

Crap.  Here we go. 

Abby:  "But, daddys don't have the kids, the mommys do."
Nick:  "Well, daddys love mommys and put a baby in the mommy's belly."
Abby:  "How does a daddy get a baby into a mommy?"

And that is why I gave him the look.

Nick:  "Well, when daddys love mommys, they can have kids together."
Abby:  "So, you won't love mommy anymore?"


Once we finally dug ourselves out of the hole that Nick put us in, we somehow changed the subject to something that Abby would be distracted by.  It was probably something about dancing or soccer or books.

Which is probably what we should have done after she asked the first question.

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