The Kids

The Kids

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Our Yearly Reunion

Ah, relaxing with my college girls.  Simply lovely.

For our annual get together, we flew down to Jacksonville, FL to hang out at Brandie's new home.  She married a Navy pilot so we got to enjoy the private Naval beach and hear pretty cool stories from her pretty cool husband. 

Every year we meet somewhere different, but honestly, we could stay at a hotel in the middle of nowhere and be perfectly content.  All we do is talk...and talk...and talk some more.  Sleep no longer becomes important because the talking is what matters.

Okay, so when I slept in until 11:30 a.m. one morning because of all of the previous night's talking, I guess it did matter a little bit.  Have not slept that late since, well, college.

There are some differences in our times together since our college days twelve years ago.  We tend to wear hats and cover up with 50 spf while in the sun.  Many of our conversations are about our children, husbands and careers.  Not every time can we all meet because of having babies and nursing and life (sweet Kristan missed this trip because of the arrival of her new baby).  We feel our age a little bit more each year.

But, the important things still stay the same.

We still fall into our roles.  Within seconds of being in the same room together, we all know who will say what and we communicate with a steady flow of conversation that never seems to end.  We understand each other and can always be honest and upfront about anything.

And I mean anything.  If you could only hear the topics we hit on and the details to which they are discussed...

...sorry, that is between me and my girls.

What a blessing that God brought these women into my life so many years ago.  I rolled my eyes at my assigned aerobics class my freshman year, but without that class, I never would have met Rebekah.  Without her, I would not have met Brandie, Christi, and Kristan.  Without Christi, Shannon never would have transferred to Geneva and met us. 

Since 1996, God has woven our lives together and has given us years of laughter, tears and sisterhood.  We are blessed.

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