The Kids

The Kids

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Conversations In The Car

I have been watching a friend of mine's children this summer.  Just a couple of times a week for the summer.  Our kids are friends and they are the same age so it has been fun for everyone.

Okay, so exhausting for me.  There is a reason that I do not watch a lot of kids for a living.  Some people are blessed with that patience.  I am not.

Anyway, due to the super healthy appetite that the five-year old boy has, I decided to get pizza for lunch today (it was either that or go buy more groceries tomorrow).  I called it in and was told it would be another hour until it was ready. 

Um, yeah.  Five kids, with hunger pains, and a tired Noah to top it all off.  Clearly, I decided to pick it up on my own.

Five kids piled into the car and we were off.  My first laughable moment was when the boy asked, "Can we watch a movie?"  The pizza place is five minutes away, buddy.

Have you ever ridden in a car with two seven-year olds, two five-year olds and a one-year old?  It is pretty fun.  A headache, but fun.  Here are some of the statements that I heard from the backseat...

"This one time, I pooped in my dad's truck."
"This one time, I puked on my dad's lap."
(The scene from American Pie kept coming to mind, "This one time, at band camp...")
"This one time, my dad held me up and his mouth was open and I puked into his mouth!"
"This one time, Caleb puked in the car, all over his Angry Bird.  That's why we call it the 'curse of the angry birds!'"
"This one time, Noah pooped up his back and up his front."
"This one time, I pooped all through my clothes and Mommy forgot the diaper bag."

As each story topped the next, I was just thankful that they weren't fighting.

One poopy diaper from Noah and a few farts from the boy later, I am so over hearing about poop.

Yet, I have two boys.  Something tells me that I will never stop hearing about poop.

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