The Kids

The Kids

Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Moment To Brag

Okay, so I am going to be one of those moms today.  The ones who write about how amazing their children are and how proud of them they are.

I figured since I usually write about the fighting, whining, messes and bowel movements, I can take a day and brag about the good stuff.

I will start with Abby.  Sweet, perfectionist Abby.  She is now in 2nd grade (which still floors me) and is loving school.  She is part of the top 20 of 2nd grade to make it into math enrichment.  While part of me wonders why there should be a top 20 of a class in math in SECOND GRADE, the other part of me is super proud of her and happy that she is happy.  Clearly, her excitement over this comes from her dad because her mom is NOT a math person.

Next we have Caleb.  Sweet, perfectionist Caleb. 

Wait, isn't that how I described Abby?  Hmm.

Caleb is in kindergarten and went into it already reading.  Because of that, he gets to go to reading enrichment, which he thinks is pretty cool.  When his teacher asked him his sight words the week before school started, he knew all of them.  All of them.  His teacher was shocked and said, "Okay, start having him learn to spell them."  Which he also finds pretty cool.  Until he gets one wrong.

Let me take a minute and promise you all that I do not do anything to force reading on these kids.  True, Nick and I can both be found with a book in front of us quite often.  But, never have I made them sit down to read and forced learning on them.  They just love it.  Abby was an early reader and I think Caleb just wanted to keep up.

Now, we have Noah.  Let me start by saying that I am an awful mom to him.  While the older two were able to sit and read me with often and do art projects and color together, poor Noah is left to fend on his own.  I have two kids with homework and soccer practices and two direct sales jobs that keep me online and on the phone during the day. 

Yet, sweet Noah is turning out to be pretty smart.  He knows a lot of his letters and likes to read them every chance that he gets.  While I was wearing my "Love and be loved" t-shirt the other day (Music Camp people get that), he pointed at the correct letters and said, "O, E, B, D."

Um, what?  How did you learn that?

Oh, that's right.  Your favorite show is Super Why.  Where they look at letters the entire show.

Thank you PBS Kids.

Should I be concerned that my 23 month old is learning more from tv than from his mom?  I watched the show with him a couple of weeks ago and when they asked which word was "soft," he actually pointed to it and knew which one.  Either this kid is a genuis or he has seen that particular episode before.

Most likely it was the latter.

Regardless, I am so glad that they all love to read.  When I check on them before I go to bed each night, I find all three of them passed out with a book near their head.  Awesome.

Okay, enough bragging.  I am sure with my next post I will bring my faithful readers more stories of fighting, whining, messes and bowel movements.

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