The Kids

The Kids

Monday, September 3, 2012

Loving My Job

I am totally loving being a Thirty-One consultant.

Yes, this is another shameless plug kind of post.

I was hesitant about getting involved with it, since I already sell Mary Kay, but it has been nothing but a blessing since I signed on.

Because of the number of parties that I have had in less than 90 days, I have earned hundreds of dollars of free bags and purses and supplies.  All of which are great to show at parties, but of course I am using most of them for myself as well.

Apart from the free stuff (which is just plain awesome), I have an amazing group of women on our team to consult with for questions and ideas.  While we are all over the country, our little facebook group page has been wonderful.  I have felt such support and have been given such great ideas to help my business-simply a blessing.

Even Nick is coming around to this.  He is watching me actually make money and has been pleasantly surprised.

If any of my faithful readers out there (okay, so the women readers) are ever interested in joining our team, please let me know.  You get to spend time with women talking about bags-and you get paid to do it.  I know.  Fun job.

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