The Kids

The Kids

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Noah Growing Up

I am so glad that Noah is finally finding ways to communicate besides screeching.

Don't get me wrong-the kid still likes to screech. 

But, thankfully, he is finally finding his words and telling us things.  I get to hear "drop" a lot, which is better than screeching.  And I hear "water" and "snack," which is better than screeching.  I also get to hear "done," which, again, is better than screeching.

Can you tell that I have slowly been losing it with the screeching?

Noah cracks me up.  He has started calling me, "Mom" instead of "Mama."  I think it is because he hears the older two call me that and he thinks he is pretty cool when he says it like them.  It was super cool to hear during our church plant meeting tonight.  We adults were sitting inside having our meeting while I could hear Noah outside the window, looking for me, saying, "mom, mom, mom" over and over again.

I should mention that we do have childcare and that he was not outside alone.

He is starting to become pretty independent.  He likes to get himself ready and help everyone else get ready by bringing them their shoes.  He gets in and out of seats alone, throws away his diapers, and reads himself books.

Okay, so maybe that last one is not quite true.  But, he is pretty content to look at books for a long time and I do hear him use his voice like he is reading.

My favorite thing is that he has completely mastered the stairs.  Well, he probably mastered them a long time ago, but I as the mom have finally reached the point where I do not fear for his life everytime that he goes up and down by himself.  I just took the baby gates down and even though I have some spackling and painting to do, it is a relief to have them out of the way.

Funny, but I still find myself extending my leg out as if I am stepping over the gate.  Someday that will pass, right?

As Noah approaches his second birthday, I am excited for him, but kind of sad to officially leave the baby phase.

Then I think of the screeching and the sadness just melts away.

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