The Kids

The Kids

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Abby And Her Injury

I kept meaning to write about this when it happened two weeks ago, but life has been a little, shall we say, hectic? 

Again, what were we thinking having all three kids born the same week of October?

So, Abby was complaining about her ankle hurting her a few weeks ago.  Because she mentioned it while we were hiking on my birthday and that resulted in her getting a piggy back ride from her daddy, we figured she was just milking it.  Once she kept complaining, however, we then figured it was a sprain.  After all, she had a sprain on her other ankle during spring soccer so it could happen again.

I took her to the doctor, thinking that the x-rays would confirm my diagnosis, that they would wrap her ankle and she could continue on with soccer.

Well, the x-rays proved me wrong and instead showed a small crack on her ankle, near her growth plate.  Oh, so that is why she kept complaining.  Hmm.

For the last two weeks, she has had to wear a boot and use crutches.  When the doctor first mentioned the crutches, her eyes lit up.  After all, every child at school that uses crutches gets ALL of the attention so it was finally HER turn.

Then she used the crutches for a few minutes and quickly got over her excitement.

She got tired of not being able to run ahead, of the feeling of the crutches in her arms, of the fact that everyone had to do everything for her and of course, of sitting on the sidelines of her soccer games and not being able to play.

The poor girl is completely restless.

Tomorrow, we go back to find out if it is healed.  I really, really, really, really hope that it is because this girl is ready to run.

The silver lining is that for her next book report, she is supposed to dress up like the character.  She is choosing the latest American Girl Doll who gets injured and has to use crutches.  It just happens to be the doll that she received for her birthday.

I love that my daughter sees the good in something not so good.

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