The Kids

The Kids

Thursday, October 18, 2012

My Future

If you faithfully read this blog, you know that I spend many days dreaming of the time when my children will be older and more independent.  Pretty much because I am tired of wiping their behinds (yes, just for Noah at this point, don't worry).

Last night, however, I saw a glimpse of my future and realized that I am perfectly content to be where I am right now.

I had a Thirty-One party at a school mom's house.  She is someone who I do not know well, but Nick has taught her kids as well as all of her guest's kids.  After the initial love fest of my husband and what a wonderful teacher and human being that he is, their conversations flew from one thing to the next.

All of which revolved around their high school/college-aged children.

As they had their wine and I attempted to rein them in to hear my little presentation, I heard of every college that they are visiting with their kids, of every college that the others have already sent their kids to, of every detail of Homecoming and all of its drama, of their opinions on the football and tennis teams and their seasons, and of all of the personal drama that is going on with their children (mostly the ones with daughters, of course). 

I left exhausted.

And not just because the party went until after 10:30 (ahem, past my bedtime by 30 minutes), but because I was tired thinking about my future.

I may be tired of wiping butts, picking up toys, and teaching my kids everything, but I better appreciate it, too.  Before I know it, they will turn into these strange creatures called teenagers and I will be begging for the innocence of their current age.

So as my day begins soon with changing a diaper, making breakfasts, packing lunches and snacks, laying out clothes, dressing one of them, making sure that everyone has their folders and backpacks and perhaps somewhere in there remembering to get myself ready-I will think of my future that is quickly approaching and pause to appreciate where I am right now.

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