The Kids

The Kids

Friday, December 7, 2012

Abby And The Magic

Well, the secret is out.  The innocence is gone.  We no longer have to keep up the charade.

Abby knows the truth about Santa Claus.

It was only a matter of time.  She already figured out the Easter Bunny, which led her to question the Tooth Fairy.  I was actually surprised that she waited this long to really ask about Santa.  Something tells me that she was slightly fearful that if she stopped believing, the presents would stop.

Regardless, something made her ask Nick and I the truth.  She waited until the boys were not around (which was kind of her) and because it would be a flat out lie to keep on pretending, we were honest with her. 

I asked her how she felt now that she knew the truth.  Did it make her sad?  She responded, "At first I felt kind of funny, but now I feel okay."

This was said about one minute after finding out the truth.  I think she is over it.

Out of all the possible questions or comments to make after finding out such a revelation, she looked at us and said, "But how did you get my Felicity doll?"

Years later and she is wondering that?  Not the Barbie dreamhouse or the vanity, but the doll?  I suppose that is because she bought one of her American Girl Dolls by saving her money and she saw how long that took (excellent lesson for any young girl, by the way).

Does she really think that we are so poor that we could not afford her Christmas gift?  Nick and I better watch how we talk about money in front of her from now on.  The girl is a sponge and takes on every worry or concern from those around her.

Anyway, once I shared with some friends that Abby knew the truth, they admitted their daughters also knew so now they can all giggle about it together.  From the beginning of the creation of womankind, we ladies always enjoy knowing something that someone else does not know and giggling about it behind their backs.

Because of her life being threatened if she spills the beans, she has taken it upon herself to be the official keeper of the magic for her brothers.  Sometimes I need to stop her because she is almost going overboard in reminding Caleb about Santa.

Oh, and a family member from California (who we love very much) decided to send us an Elf on the Shelf.  I had never heard of this idea when Abby was younger, but in the last few years, Facebook has exploded with pictures of where this watchdog of Santa's likes to hide.  Apparently, he checks in on the kids and finds himself in hilarious positions.

Since I did not want to introduce yet another lie to the Christmas story, I just ignored the Elf game.  When we received the Elf, I figured it could be a play toy and they could do whatever they wanted with it.  I never dreamed that Abby would take on the role that she has...

She keeps hiding the Elf or putting him out in funny scenarios.  In the bathroom with a helicopter.  In the Christmas tree.  On the counter, eating marshmallows with Barbie (I think that was just so she could sneak a few marshmallows for herself).

What is hilarious to me is that Caleb is completely taking it all in.  For the first time in three years, I do not have to drag him out of bed in the morning.  He practically leaps up so he can go and discover what that crazy Elf is up to.

Hmm, perhaps the Elf will be hanging around all year...

So, even though the magic of Santa is gone for Abby, the role of "I know something that you don't know" has become even more fun.

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