The Kids

The Kids

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Caleb's View Of Us

Something that Caleb brought home from school recently...

What You Don't Know About Other Parents
(As told by their child)
How tall is your dad?
I don't know
How old is your dad?
How strong is your dad?
He can lift up a dog and he can lift me up, too
What color hair does your dad have?
Same color as Mom's (black?)
What is special about your dad?
I don't really know-he just works all day!
What does your mom look like?
She has black hair, blue eyes, I think, light skin
How old is your mom?
What does your mom do while you're at school?
Takes my brother to the park or cleans
What is your mom good at?
She's good at watching over us and Noah
What is special about your mom?
She just takes care of crazy Noah
Oh Caleb.
While I do appreciate that you made me a year younger, it is kind of sad that the only thing special about me is that I take care of "crazy Noah."
Maybe it is not sad.  He could have said, "She yells like crazy, gets frustrated with us and our messes and is a completely failure as a parent."
I suppose that since I am special enough to take care of "crazy Noah" and that I am good at watching over them then I should be grateful.  I am glad that Caleb sees me like that.
And that he thinks I am a year younger than I actually am.

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